Membrane Recycling


Next time you are preparing to replace RO membranes, THINK GREEN first!  Let Membrane Services, LLC recycle your older reverse osmosis membranes instead of sending them to the landfill.  Save disposal costs as well as your budget and our planet!.

Our membrane recycle program:

  • Membrane Services will receive your RO membranes(or pick them up in our region) and bring them into our state of the art facility.
  • Membrane Services will inspect 100% of the elements for exterior damage, feed spacer extrusion, brine seal integrity, and external evidence of foulants.
  • Membrane Services will pre test 100% of the elements at standard test conditions in order to compare to the original membrane manufacturer specifications and determine if any are too damaged to be recycled.
  • Membrane Services will provide pre test data to you for your review
  • Membrane Services will help you determine if membranes are worth cleaning and repackaging for storage as a backup set of membranes.
  • Membrane Services will determine if your membranes are "cleanable", and then provide the optimum cleaning within membrane manufacturer’s guidelines and with our proprietary cleaning chemicals and techniques developed over the past 35+ years.
  • Membrane Services will post test 100% of the elements to determine the effectiveness of the cleaning.
  • Membrane Services can bag, box, preserve(upon request) and palletize or dispose of membranes if required.
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