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Membrane Services Contract Services

Are you looking for new ways to grow your business in new directions without the high overhead?  Ask yourself three questions:

1)             As my business expands or we venture into new markets to keep up in today's climate, when should I add additional employees?  We can help!

2)             Would one big project tie up our service department short term, but not last long enough to rationalize bringing on new employees full time?  We can help!

3)             Do we need skilled employees now, but cannot afford to wait for them to be trained?  We can help!

Membrane Services can provide those additional services that you may need without the expensive overhead and long term commitments of hiring new employees.  As your business continues to grow, one of the biggest steps you will take is predicting when to hire new employees?

With over 35 years of commercial and industrial high purity water treatment experience, we can help you grow your company while keeping your overhead commitments to a minimum.  We have substantial experience with:
        • Cartridge, Bag and Media Filtration Systems
        • Chemical Injection Systems and Dosing Evaluation
        • Ion Exchange Systems and Various Deionization Systems
        • Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Systems
        • Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Systems
        • Other Types of Water Treatment Equipment
Membrane Services can help you with the following water treatment services:
        • System Startup Services
        • System Troubleshooting Services
        • System Optimization Services
        • Chemical Optimization Services
        • Membrane Cleaning Services - Onsite or Offsite
        • Membrane Replacement Services
        • Media Replacement Services
        • System Upgrade Services
        • Operator Training Services
        • Procedure, Literature, or Instruction Manual Writing Services
        • Operational or Supervisory Services
        • Consulting Services
Let us be the expertise, training aids, or additional set of eyes you need on the job.


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