Mobile RO Cleaning Trailer For Sale

Looking for a great niche' business to help get you in the multi-billion dollar water treatment industry?  What about onsite cleaning services?  This mobile cleaning trailer may be the perfect entry tool.  Provide onsite membrane cleaning services utilizing a state of the art mobile cleaning trailer. 

Mobile RO cleaning services have many advantages:

1)   Onsite Clean In Place(CIP) Equipment - Many customers purchase RO systems but not CIP equipment.  Take advantage of this need.

2) Capital Cost Reduction – On site CIP equipment is an expensive capital outlay, and requires regular maintenance and upkeep.  Since they are not used frequently, they are often overlooked for maintenance and do not work properly when needed.  A delay in the timely cleaning of your membranes can cause permanent damage and cost money!

3)   Cleaning Expertise - Even with the correct equipment, knowing how to use it is valuable.  Providing clients the best cleaning expertise can be valuable to them and profitable for you!

Trailer Dimensions                           24 ft Box(28 ft 3 in overall) x 8 ft Wide x 8 ft 7 in Height

Door Dimensions                                7 ft 9 in Wide x 6 ft Tall

Empty Trailer weight(approx)             4000 lbs.

Mobile CIP Trailer Includes:

1000 Gallon Storage Tank

Stainless Steel Control Panel

Small 3 HP Grunfos CR 8 Transfer Pump               

Large 15 HP Grunfos CRN 64 Cleaning Pump

Watlow 25000 Watt Immersion Heater         

Parker Filter Housing - Holds 29 2.5” x 30" Filter Cartridges

Power Supply Cord - 37 ft. Long

Assorted Hoses

Power requirement 460 volts/70 amp three phase:

Small Transfer pump  Grunfos CR 8             3 HP \  460 Volt /  FLA 3.9 /                  1794 watts

Large Cleaning recirculation pump  Grunfos CRN 64 / 15 HP / 460 / FLA 17 /          7820 watts

Watlow Immersion Heater                                                                                          25000 watts

Trailer Connections:

RO supply from Trailer                                                                                    4” Male Cam-lock

RO concentrate return to trailer                                                                      4” Male Cam-lock

RO permeate return to trailer                                                                          3” Male Cam-lock

Water supply to trailer                                                                                     2” Male Cam-lock

Trailer tank drain                                                                                             2” Female Cam-lock

Power Supply Cord - # 8 Wire / 4 conductor -  37 ft. Long

1 - 64 Foot Long 4" Hose w/ Fm x Male Camlocks

1 - 31 Foot Long 4" Hose w/ Fm x Male Camlocks

1 - 53 Foot Long 3" Hose w/ Fm x Male Camlocks

1 - 25 Foot Long 3" Hose w/ Fm x Male Camlocks

1 - 23 Foot Long 3" Hose w/ Fm x Male Camlocks


At Membrane Services we still see many equipment manufacturers providing equipment that does not operate as specified, requires constant maintenance by the operator, and requires excessive costs to operate.  We do not believe this should be happening!  That is why we teamed up with several premier equipment manufacturers to provide you with the best equipment specifically designed for your feed water, and custom built to your specifications. 

Unlike some of our competition, we do not work with companies who build equipment and then hope we can make it fit your needs.  We won’t provide you a 500 gpm RO system for your 400 gpm needs, and then put blanks or membrane spacers in the place of real membranes to cover it up.  We discover your needs and build equipment specifically to provide you the most cost effective and lowest maintenance systems on the market.

Membrane Services is proud to represent:

Aqua Claire Technologies

Aqua-Claire Technologies, LLC (ACT) is a Water Treatment OEM Company providing RO systems, deionization systems, and filtration equipment. We offer a complete line of water treatment systems backed by a reliable service and maintenance for a variety of applications including process and potable water for the industrial, commercial and municipal markets.

ACT systems are custom designed and manufactured incorporating the industry latest innovations with customers input in mind to optimize equipment long term reliable use and benefits.

ACT systems are mounted on heavy duty fabricated carbon steel skids. Skids are sand blasted to near white metal and powder coated. We also offer containerized systems fully equipped for ease of installation and capital investment cost saving.

Aqua Mecaniques

Aqua Mecaniques is a specialty reverse osmosis system fabricator with over 30 years of experience in high purity water treatment systems.  They specialize in smaller high purity systems for commercial and small industrial applications.

These are three of the premier membrane fabricators in the country and we are proud to represent them in all facets of the industry.  Give us a call and let us show you why!

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