Membrane Cleaning

Offsite vs Onsite Cleaning
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Offsite Cleaning Advantages

Membrane Services can provide off site membrane cleaning services utilizing state of the art in house cleaning equipment, special techniques and optimum cleaning conditions in order to restore your reverse osmosis elements as close to original performance specification as possible. Having Membrane Services off site cleaning has many advantages:

  • Resource Management – Membrane Services can help reduce the time and labor you would require to do on site cleaning. We can provide labor to remove the old membranes, install interim membranes if required, and installation of new membranes when cleaned. We can also provide transportation of your membranes to and from our facility for cleaning.
  • Capital Cost Reduction – Membrane Services can provide all of the needed membrane cleaning equipment and insure that all instrumentation, pumps, and heater are always functioning properly.
  • Quality Control – Membrane Services will pre test every element and provide you pretest data prior to membrane cleaning for your approval. If pre test data does not look good, you can opt out of cleaning, thereby saving money. In addition, Membrane services utilizes the most up to date instrumentation, cleans only 2 membranes per vessel, and uses optimum cleaning techniques to insure the best cleaning your membranes could receive.
  • Reporting – Membrane Services will track your membranes by serial number, pre test and post test every element. You will typically receive a report within 3 days outlining pre test data, inter cleaning notes, and post cleaning data.
  • Special Attention – We realize that reverse osmosis membranes are not cheap and handling them must be done right. Cleaning membranes is our primary business and our primary focus. Membrane Services also cleans only 2 membranes in one vessel to give us accurate cleaning data, and only uses optimum cleaning techniques and premium chemicals, not generics, to insure that you receive the best cleaning possible.

On Site Cleaning Advantages

Membrane Services can provide onsite membrane cleaning services utilizing your existing clean in place equipment. Having Membrane Services onsite cleaning has many advantages:

  • Resource Management – Cleaning can often take 1-2 days to complete and can consume a lot of your labor resources. Membrane Services can be the specialized extra labor you need to get a specific job done without hiring extra overhead.
  • Capital Cost Reduction – On site clean in place services do not require an extra set of expensive membranes in order to swap out membranes while one set is being cleaned. On site membrane cleaning removes this overhead cost.
  • Membrane Storage – On site clean in place services do not require the additional storage and logistical issues for warehousing and moving additional membranes between cleanings
  • Turnaround Time – For those clients utilizing offsite membrane cleaning services, the time it takes to remove the membranes, package them for shipment, transit time to the cleaning facility, actual cleaning time, transit time back to your facility, and reinstallation time can add up to weeks if not months. Membrane Services can come into your facility and have your membrane system back up and running in hours not weeks or months!
  • Quality Control – Many offsite membrane cleaning companies claim to have strict quality control to insure your membranes do not get mixed with other customers membranes, and that their instrumentation is calibrated, but how do you know for sure? When you hire Membrane Services to clean your membranes on site, your membranes never leave the vessel, much less the site. And since they are operating on site, you can oversee their operation and insure you are getting quality membrane cleaning services yourself.
  • Reporting - If you have ever waited weeks or even months to get the cleaning performance results back from your membrane cleaning supplier, you know how frustrating it can be. Especially if the membranes did not cleanup and you have already reinstalled them only to find they are just as bad as when you sent them off to be cleaned. While on site, Membrane Services will start up your membrane equipment to gather pre-cleaning data, take data during cleaning, and then provide post cleaning data once the job is completed. You will know immediately how the cleaning went!
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