Recycled Membranes

**** New Year Sale ****
Reconditioned SWC4-LD's.  Average flows 6700 gpd and average rejection is 99.2%.  Membranes will be preserved and individually boxed for shipment.  About 1200 available.

Reconditioned SW30HRLE-370/34.  Average flows 9000 gpd and average rejections are 98.5%.  Membrane are preserved and individually boxed for shipment. About 750 available.

Reconditioned ESPA1's.  Average flows 14000 and average rejections 97%. Membranes can be cleaned and tested, preserved, and packaged for shipment.  About 450 available.

--SOLD-- New in box Toray TM720-370 brackish RO membranes. New membrane specs 9,500 gpd and 99.7% rejection. Spec sheet can be provided. $285 each.

Reconditioned Toray TM720-370 brackish RO membranes. Average flow is ~14,000 gpd. Average rejections are 98.0%+. $225 each.

--SOLD-- Reconditioned Dow Model# SW30HR-380 seawater RO membranes. Average flow is ~6000 gpd(new membrane spec). Average rejections are 99.0%. $50 each obo.

--SOLD-- Reconditioned Dow Model# BW30-365 RO membranes. Average flow is >10,000 gpd(new membrane spec is 9500 gpd). Average rejections are 99.0%. $255 each.

Reconditioned Dow Model# BW30-400 RO membranes. Average flow is ~8,800 gpd(new membrane spec is 10,500 gpd). Average rejections are 99.4%. $225 each.

Also have reconditioned Hydranautics Model# CPA2 & CPA5-LD, CSM Model RE8040-BE & RE8040-BLN, and more. Call for specs.

All membranes have been cleaned, tested and test data is available prior to shipment. Membranes are sold as is with no warranty implied or expressed. In addition to these, we have others available both reconditioned and new from factory.

Also have pilot units, membrane equipment, and various membrane cleaning services available.

Recycled Reverse Osmosis Membranes For Sale

All recycled membranes have been cleaned and individually tested for flow and rejection, preserved, sealed in bags, and individually boxed for storage and shipment. 
Test data provided upon request.


Available Manufacturers and Models Include:


Dow                                         Hydranautics                          Toray

BW30-365                               CPA5-LD                                TM720-400

BW30-400                                                                              TM720-370

BW30-LE440                                                                          TMG20N400C




GE Water                                CSM                                        Trisep

GE 8040                                  RE8040-BLN                           8040-ACM2-TSA



All membranes are sold as is with no warranty expressed or implied.

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