Making Membranes Great Again!

As many companies are finding out, many of the large manufacturers of water treatment equipment do not provide any service or support once they turn over the new equipment. They only focus on new equipment sales and then they move on to the next customer!  Their only support is a 1-800 number! 

Membrane Services will provide you with this needed support and service once your equipment supplier  stops taking your calls.  Membrane Services will provide you with the support you need especially as you learn how to operate your new equipment.  Let us Help!

Our Mission Statement

The Membrane Services mission is to provide premier membrane filtration equipment, aftermarket products, operational and consultation services for all types of membrane systems. We focus on helping our clients optimize the performance of their membrane plants, thereby minimizing their operational expenses.

Our Advantages

Membrane Services can provide an alternative to in house resources or uneducated commodity suppliers who can do more damage and cost you more money than you wanted or expected to spend. In addition to providing equipment and replacement consumable products, we can provide various services to assist you with piloting, startup, troubleshooting, membrane cleaning, and membrane replacement. With over 35 years of experience with membranes systems as well as high purity water treatment equipment, we can help you solve your operational issues quickly and confidentially.




Reverse Osmosis/Nanofiltration Membranes

Cartridge Filters

Membrane Scale Inhibitors

Membrane Cleaning Chemicals

Automatic / Self Cleaning Filters



Media Filters

Reverse Osmosis / Nanofiltration Systems

Microfiltration / Ultrafiltration Systems

Chemical Feed Systems
Special Alloy Piping Systems



System Troubleshooting

System Optimization

On-Site / Off-Site Membrane Cleaning

Membrane Autopsy & Evaluation

Membrane System Startup

Specification Writing & Review

Operator Training

Membrane Services, LLC / P. O. Box 353 / Montgomery, Texas 77356 / (936) 672-7571

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